Here you can purchase ranks, perks, and items to support our server. Donations go towards keeping the server thriving, as well as allowing us to develop new things for your enjoyment. Without you ParticleMC wouldn't exist, so thank you!

Please select a category to begin browsing our packages for sale. If you have any queries, or issues related to payments, create a support ticket via the PMC website (HERE) where our administration can assist you to our fullest extent.



What do I do if I don't receive my purchase?

A purchase can take up to 10 minutes to process, and for you to receive. You must be online the server as well. If you don't receive your purchase within 24 hours, submit a support ticket on the website to discuss your issues. Remember, if you have paid with an E-Check, it will take 7 - 14 days to clear.


 The Terms & Conditions may change at any time, with or without notification or approval of the customer. 

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